Polaroidmotive aus dem zauberhaften Gütersloh

From the Village in the Heath
to the Semi-Metropolis

Exploring the History of Gütersloh
with Johannes Hassenewert

Is Gütersloh a tourist destination? At least Gütersloh enjoys a lot of international guests due to visiting managers to the global players Bertelsmann and Miele, exchange groups from sister cities and of course the locally stationed British soldiers.

And this city holds many places of interest to be explored: For example, the pictorial framework houses, the impressive churches, and the small "Pättkes" trails as well as the highly recognized library, the brand new theatre and the airport close to the city limits.

Your city tour guide Johannes Hassenewert will take you on a 1200 years historical journey through Gütersloh where you will discover the city from its first church construction, via the beginnings of the industrialization and the traces of the Second World War to the modern comforts of this semi-metropolis with 96,000 inhabitants (over 100,000, if our NATO friends from UK and their families are included).

During the informative 90 minutes guided tour you will enjoy all major historical sites located between the town hall, the water tower, and the "Apostel" church.

guided walking tour of the town

tour guide:
Johannes Hassenewert

90 minutes

number of participants:
25 at most

Gütersloh Marketing,
Tel. 0 52 41 / 2 11 36 36